Camping Mug

Color: Titanium Cup 450ML
Sale price$30.22


Disposable: No
Can Hold Boiling Water or Not: Not Applicable
Fold: No
With Tableware or Not: No
With Cooler Bag or Not: No
Material: Titanium
Water Purification Method: None
Type: CUP
Capacity: 0.6L
Style: Outdoor
Model: Titanium Mug
Number of Users: 1
Appearance: Heart

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Customer Reviews

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Came in a box and a plastic wrap inside. Looks like a premium box which can be gifted. 97 grams for a 600ml version. Tried it once to boil some water, no problems, no smells.


Nice mug. Took two for the forest. It is convenient to walk with children, drink tea and use them with a thermos. Mug is easy. At first glance very small. At first, I can not believe that you can pour 200 ml in it. Water. If you pour on the edge, then 220 ml will work. Someone will be small. I'm great. Light, small and 200 ml. The volume is enough to drink thermos tea. There are no complaints about the delivery. Even before I came for a couple of days.


I did not find any completely satisfying reviews before buying, so I write my own. Got the dishes in 9 days, which is fast, considering that I live outside the city (Tula region). The weight of three items is 450 ml mugs, mini pans for 750 ml and pots for 1300 ml-374 gr. I chose the dishes so that I could put one in the other. The handle of the covers in the raised position is fixed only in a mini-pan, side handles-at the mug, and the bow is at the pot. Here wherever you look-everything is not at all, and you have to finalize it yourself. Although on a mini-pan there is (!) a swim to fix the arch. The side handle of the pan, as they wrote, is useless-it folds even under its own weight. Which prevented her from brewing on the contrary-a mystery. The covers hold tight-to cover the contents when cooking and saving fuel. All handles and arms do not magnetic. Probably made of the same alloy. To a saucepan and a mini-saucepan is a mesh cover. I took it for light weight and compactness. Photo box


Titanium good living. Serial, it looks like you're a. Real pulling. 사실 이 제품이 티타늄인지 모릅니다. 색깔 이 티타늄인거 가기도 합니다. 믿고 가야죠. 모양은 이쁩니다. 크기도 적당합니다. 맥주, 막걸리 분위기 간지 납니다. 옛날 쇠붙이 맛도 나긴 한데 믿습니다. 대륙의 기운을. 사실 후기 남기지 않는데 선후배님들을 위해서 납깁니다.